Cardiocore Plus 20/Cardiocore Plus 40/ Cardiometabolic

Product Properties


Simvastatin 20mg + Ezetimibe 10mg / Simvstatin 40mg + Ezetimibe 10mg

Available form


Primary use

Treatment of high cholesterol levels

Prescription required


High levels of bad cholesterol in the blood are associated with an increased risk of certain heart diseases. In addition to appropriate diet and lifestyle modifications, Cardiocore plus is used to reduce risk of cardiac events, especially in those with a previous history of coronary heart diseases such as coronary angina and heart attack.
How it works
Simvastatin in Cardiocore plus works by blocking the enzyme needed for the body to make cholesterol, while Ezetimibe inhibits the absorption of bad cholesterol. Thus, the combination is useful in the treatment of dyslipidemia or abnormal amount of lipids in the blood.
How to use
Cardiocore plus should be taken orally, as directed by the doctor. Usually it is taken as a once daily dose.
Side effects
Nausea, dizziness headache, heartburn, stomach upset, muscular pain, rash, dry moth, sleep disturbance are some of the uncommon effects.